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HT, NM 14 PA 29

Port Adelaide were stifled effectively in the second quarter, but they still lead the disposals 165-140, clearances 20-14, tackles 42-32, hitouts 18-14 and scoring shots 9-4.

Nick Larkey and Trent McKenzie.

Nick Larkey and Trent McKenzie.Credit:Getty Images


Nth Melbourne 1.2, 2.2 (14)
Port Adelaide 4.2, 4.5 (29)

Nth Melbourne: Goldstein, Zurhaar
Port Adelaide: Dixon, Motlop, Butters, Amon

Nth Melbourne: Anderson 10, Tarrant 10
Port Adelaide: Wines 16, Boak 15, Rockliff 15, Byrne-Jones 13

Nth Melbourne: Nil
Port Adelaide: Burton (quad)


2Q 23min, NM 14 PA 29

The siren sounds and North did a good job of tightening the screws in the second quarter. But while they restricted to Port Adeliade to three behinds, they only managed to score one goal themselves.

2Q 17min, NM 14 PA 28

North coach Rhyce Shaw would be rapt with the job Ben McKay has done on Charlie Dixon so far, the big Power forward hasn’t taken a mark yet.

Nice try, Josh!

Suffice to say, Josh Walker got pinged holding the ball…

2Q 14min, NM 14 PA 28

Port Adelaide are leading the disposals 121-98, tackles 34-27, contested possessions 49-45, hitouts 15-8 and scoring shots 8-4.

Connor Rozee.

Connor Rozee.Credit:Getty Images


2Q 13min, NM 14 PA 28

Leading disposals: Rockliff 13, Byrne-Jones 11, Wines 10

2Q 11min, NM 14 PA 27

North’s pressure has improved this quarter, they just need to translate that onto the scoreboard to get their appropriate reward for effort.

2Q 4min, NM 14 PA 27


Zurhaar’s hurried snap from the ball-up manages to avoid a whole bunch of hands, and also the score review, and bounces through for a goal from 35m out.

The Kangaroos needed that after the Power booted the previous four majors.

That’s a lot of hitouts…

A big milestone for Todd Goldstein

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