Covid-19 Factoid: India has the third highest death toll in the world

The global count of coronavirus cases has now crossed 27 million, with the US accounting for more than 20 per cent of the cases. Over 19.2 million people have recovered globally, while more 6.9 million cases are still active. The global death toll stands at over more than 884,000 cases, with two countries – the US and Brazil – having more than 100,000 deaths each.

India’s reported cases have now crossed 4 million, with over 20 per cent of cases, or 862,320 cases, currently active. India’s recovery is currently at 77.3 per cent, with over 3.1 million successful recoveries. At over 70,000 deaths, India has the third highest death toll in the world.

Here are some data points on the spread of the virus:

India reports over 4 million confirmed cases

At over 4 million cases, India has now dethroned Brazil to have the second highest number of cases in the world. India now has the fastest pace of growth in confirmed cases. The latest block of 1 million cases took the shortest time, at just 13 days.

In comparison, the first 1 million cases had taken 169 days.

Maharashtra’s situation continues to worsen

Maharashtra, the worst affected state in India, continues to make new records of highest single day spikes. In the latest instance, it reported over 20,000 cases in a single day on September 6. This is the state’s third record in three straight days. At over 880,000 cases, Maharashtra accounts for almost a fifth of the country’s case count. It also has the highest number of fatalities in the country, at over 26,000.

India continues to scale new heights in daily new cases

India recorded over 90,000 cases on September 6, the highest ever single day spike for the country. This is almost twice as many as daily new cases reported in early August, when it ranged in 50,000-60,000 a day. Since September 3, the country has reported over 80,000 every single day, becoming the biggest contributor to the global tally of coronavirus cases.