What’s on TV: Thursday, August 13


The Gods of Wheat Street

NITV, 7.30pm

If you missed this six-part local drama when it screened on the ABC in 2014, here’s your chance to catch it from the start. It’s worth it. The series is built around the Freeburns, a lively Indigenous family living in a country town. It has a sprinkle of magic realism, a terrific score and a fine cast that includes Kelton Pell, Ursula Yovich, Mark Coles Smith, Rarriwuy Hick and Shari Sebbens. Regrettably, it only lasted a single season.

Bushfire Animal Rescue

Bushfire Animal Rescue

Bushfire Animal Rescue

SBS, 7.30pm

Shot in the aftermath of the recent “black summer”, Max Bourke’s documentary endeavours to find hope amid the devastation. His focus is on animals injured during the ferocious fire season: a wallaby with burned feet; a wombat with singed airways; an uncharacteristically subdued lorikeet; scorched koalas and kangaroos. Narrated by Anja Taylor, who also contributed as a field director and writer, the film records the efforts by people, some professional, some volunteers, to aid the animals.

Bourke and Taylor visit Kangaroo Island to check on endangered glossy black cockatoos and travel to Adelaide to follow the progress of a colony of flying foxes suffering heat stress. Finally, there’s a call to action, to try to reduce the damage of such disasters in the future, advocating the adoption of Indigenous land management practices.

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